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MicroGenDX: Advanced DNA Diagnostics for Your Infection

Are you tired of ongoing pain and discomfort from an unresolved infection? We understand your frustration! The antibiotics you've tried may not be working because your doctor relies on an old diagnostic technology called "culture." Watch this video to learn how MicroGenDX provides a more accurate, comprehensive, and effective solution powered by DNA diagnostics.

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Why Choose MicroGenDX?

More Reliable and Accurate Testing

Standard culture tests may not be reliable, with many results coming back as "no growth.", and don't tell you anything! MicroGenDX DNA diagnostics identify all bacteria and fungi with 99% accuracy by using Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) for a more comprehensive approach.

Proven Effectiveness

Over 70 published clinical studies demonstrate the superior effectiveness of MicroGenDX's NGS testing in resolving chronic, complex, or recurring infections compared to traditional culture methods.

Speedy Results

Get your initial DNA diagnostic results within 24-48 hours, providing you and your doctor with quick insights into your infection and if any antimicrobial resistance is present. In 3.5 days we'll deliver your full, comprehensive results, detailing all the microbes present in your sample. If it's a fungi or a bacteria, we'll report it!

Not Just PCR

While many labs offer PCR testing, MicroGenDX combines it with NGS, detecting up to 57,000 pathogens and showing the percentage of each. We'll even tell you if the species we detect are resistant to any kind of antimicrobials. This is crucial for treating complex infections involving multiple species.

Clinicians praise MicroGenDX for advancing diagnostics and improving treatment outcomes. The combination of qPCR+NGS provides the gold standard of DNA sequencing at the lowest cost worldwide.

"NGS is changing our understanding of microbial communities. The future in Urology involves non-culture molecular diagnostic technology like NGS."

J. Curtis Nickel, M.D., Research Chair in Urologic Pain and Inflammation at Queens University

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What are the Key Benefits of MicroGenDX qPCR+NGS Technology?

Faster results in 3.5 days, offering insight into dominant pathogens and biofilms.

Antimicrobial resistance information in 24-48 hours.

Refined treatment options for quicker resolution of chronic infections.

We can detect tens of thousands of species that others can’t.


Mission Statement

MicroGenDX aims to improve clinical outcomes by offering clinicians and patients the most informative microbial diagnostic tests. As a global leader in NGS diagnostics, we provide desperately needed advances to providers and patients, addressing a wide range of medical specialties.

About MicroGenDX

With over 750,000 next-gen DNA sequencing tests to date, from dozens of different countries, MicroGenDX is the global leader in NGS diagnostics. Our state-of-the-art facility and dedicated team ensure the industry's most informative microbial diagnostics for various medical specialties. We are committed to helping people with the identification of challenging infections.


MicroGenDX qPCR + NGS


Traditional Culture

Diagnostic test

qPCR+NGS performed with consistent, rapid turnaround times (24-48 hrs qPCR, 3.5 days NGS)

Culture performed with highly variable turnaround times (days to weeks)


• 99.2% accuracy identifying all bacteria and fungi in sample, listing species by relative abundance • Antimicrobial resistance genes detected indicate potential resistance of entire in vivo community (biofilm/polymicrobial)

• 50% chance of “no growth” culture results • <30% accuracy at determining dominant species • Susceptibility results for single in vitro species, not resistance for entire in vivo community (biofilm/ polymicrobial)


Research-based antimicrobials for consideration in treatment, based on the Sanford Guide and Johns Hopkins Guides

Best guess antimicrobial Rx for treatment, without diagnostic evidence to support efficacy


Targeted, Rapid Symptoms Resolution
Relief of patient suffering with lower overall costs for treatment

Repeat Office Visits
With no symptom resolution, patient suffering is prolonged and costs for treatment are increased


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  • Over 1.5 million molecular tests performed


  • Launched national TV ad campaign shown in all 50 states


  • Completed multicenter study in joint infections showing that NGS identifies infecting organisms more often than culture