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If you are dealing with BV, UTIs, IC or have symptoms like odor, itching, frequent urination you may want to consider Vaginal Test Service or WomensKEY. Vaginal Test service is a comprehensive qPCR and NGS test that can help detect pathogens that may be the cause of Bacterial Vaginosis or BV. If you are unsure of your affliction, consider the combination test, WomensKEY. This product offers the same testing as the Vaginal Test Service but will also test for pathogens in your urine that could be casuing UTIs or similar problems.

Vaginal Test Service

Utilize high-tech NGS to test for bacteria and fungus that may be causing vaginal itching, virginal odor, or Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

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Test urine for bacteria and fungi that may be causing UTI, BV, IC, bladder infection, and other urogenital issues. More likely to detect infection than standard lab tests by utilizing high-tech NGS diagnostics.

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